Realestate Marketing

The company seeks to provide an integrated system of real estate services, with a policy of quality to ensure the client’s benefits, and completed satisfaction with the product and the company's service package is continued to the Post-sale phase with high professionalism. The company puts in its priority list the complete client’s
satisfaction and seeks to renew and develop its services constantly in order to keep their customers completely reassured during the period of their accommodation or absence from the property or their desire to invest it and here we offer you a comprehensive presentation of our most important services .

Real Estate Marketing:
Mersat has an integrated strategy in real estate marketing, combining traditional marketing and e-marketing, Through Mersat, your real estate units of all types will be closer to your potential customers due to our strict standards in the presentation of real estate products in terms of high-quality photography, continuous promotion of
these projects through its website and full presentation of the details of the offers.
Prior to this intensive promotion of the offers available, the Foundation team strives to select the most attractive and attractive offers to customers. So that it takes notice to promote properties with attractive revenues on investment in a highly competitive market, and we rely on special criteria in our choice may be the site or offers installments companies provided or specifications of building declared, Not every property can take a place in our promotions, but only the real estate with real investment opportunities based on the ability of our team to extrapolate the future of the property and its ability to compete amid the social, political and economic variables in Turkey is not difficult task in a land with a stable and ability to Shock absorption and re-stability as a
necessary condition for a growing real estate market .  
Mersat has a professional team with the skills of careful reading of the market and the long support , in the examination of real estate offers and specifications of each offer on their own, and then pick the strongest and promotion of these offers, our success measured by the portal of customer satisfaction and their profit and not
from the gate of our profits, because the standard is always expanding the network of our clients and as the English saying says “your relationship is your wealth” or in other words.

Building confidence is what we consider it as the cornerstone of the real estate marketing process that is
highly sensitive to all variables
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