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Mersat Real Estate sits among the banks of the Bosphorus at the meeting point of Asia and Europe, in the heart of the vital areas of the Middle East, making it strongly present in Istanbul's growing real estate market, offering its services in the diversified real estate sector such as housing projects, commercial projects, halls and housing complexes.

It is also active in the tourism real estate sector like hotels and facilities, as well as farm real estate and investment real estate in the field of animal production development, which is supported by the government. Also, the company's services include property investment of land and portfolios real estate, for individuals and companies, throughout the charming Turkish land from Bursa and Sakarya, through Ankara and Yalova to Antalya.

  • What Make Us Special (The Secret)

We take sides with our customers and offer them our free service package with high professionalism, taking into account the maximum satisfaction of the customer, to ensure that he receives a contract with reduced real estate taxes, as our team strives to obtain the best possible tax reduction with balanced penalty clauses that ensure the customer interests in the first place. We are more than just real estate brokers, but professional experts who directly oversee the real estate transaction, where we intervene to ensure the balance in the equations of sale, purchase or investment to guarantee satisfactory contracts between the seller, buyer or investor. This is precisely what makes our company unique and special in the real estate market and attracts constantly more customers.

  • Zero Commission

We would like to point out that Mersat adopts the highest quality standards in the service of its customers with zero commission, as the company does not charge any commission or profit from the purchaser.

Our services start from the moment you arrive at the airport, to owning or investing the property and continue to post-sale. Whether you are the end-user or the investor, you will find us offering the highest level of personal attention to you and advise you step by step in such a crowded and complicated real estate market in Turkey.

Mersat has a team of professionals, experienced and qualified for real estate advising in multiple languages in Turkey's open real estate market, based on years of long experience in an attractive environment such as Turkey.

  • Our Experience Is Yours

We are proud to provide real estate consultancy services based on careful analysis and market research to put in your hands, as our goal is to be able to make the right decision in owning the property or investing it and even financing it with soft and encouraging loans due to the special protocols enjoyed by Mersat in its dealings with a number of leading Islamic banks in the region.

  • Welcome to Your Second Home

You don't have to worry about interpretation or translation services whatever language you speak, as well as everything related to the certifying and follow-up of the documents, where Mersat welcomes you to your second home if your legal papers take a longer time pending completion, in a satisfactory way for the parties.


If you are looking for a property that brings you the luxury of Europe mixed with the soul of the orient, there is no better choice than Turkey, the leading example in the Middle East and a world gateway to promising investment opportunities. Therefore, in order to make the right decision, you need an expert who makes a difference. Mersat is a rare brand in real estate services, our capital is the good reputation we have built over years of hard work with established and start-up companies guaranteed by the government, and the package of free services provided to customers.

  • We Are Excited

To provide unprecedented levels of quality service, just call and let Mersat take you to safety.

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